Welcome to Medina Days
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Medina Days is sponsored by you, the residents of this great city. It’s your donations that make it such an incredible event for the entire community. We ask you to help make this the best Medina Days yet!  Donate now to be included on the 2016 Medina Days Patrons List.


A big new thank you to these most recent Patrons:  Kathy Artz; Laura & Bo Weingaertner; Wendy Paisley; Elizabeth Anderson; Michelle Kastner;
**Please email us if you'd like your name listed differently: medinadays@outlook.com


Medina Days Community Partner:  Overlake Golf & Country Club

Gold Medina Days Patrons ($200+)

   Cynthia Adkins & John Harris
Medina Market

Jessica Rossman
Pete Berger

Yan Guo & Yunbo Deng
Jeffrey & Susan Brotman
Todd McIntyre & Anna Riley
Julie Nordstrom
Julie & Mark DeDonato
Jeff & Mackenzie Bezos
Chris & Cherish Bingham
Kirsten & Shawn Schubring
Mary & Paul Saad
Matt & Kristi Eldrenkamp
Theresa Gillespie
Fred & Joan Burnstead
Allison & Roger Frey
Paul & Susan Scoglund
Charles & Carrie Nay
Carolyn Grinstein
Vic & Mary Odermat
Don & Beverly Jefferson
Randi Leggett
Kristen Bay
Marilyn & Leonard Wilkens
Rod & Janice Olson

Linda Johnson
Joseph & Randi Brazen
Rob Short, Emer Dooley & Family
Amy Cilley & Ted Wallace
Sean & Drew Blazey
Tobin & Jennifer Arthur
Deborah Girdler
Wendy Lister
James Weymouth
Martin & Diane Tullus
Steven & Fredda Goldfarb
M3 & Lisa Sweatt
Vlada & Chadd Knowlton
Brian & Malissa Marcinek
Catherine Ang
John & Debra Bacon
Conard Romano Architects
Xinmin Chen
Catherine Ries
Jasper & Oliver Pigott
Diana, Bradley & Patrick Hill
Rosemary West
George Hansen
Lori Dickerson

Medina Days Patrons ($100+)

David & Kim Hong
Jeff & Betsy Johnson
Alex & Nayla Morcos
Christian & Chasma Gerron
Stephen Preston
Sumi & Jay Pathy
Jennifer Ledbetter
Barbara Baker Quinn
Jiandong & Weining Ruan
Michele Fang & David Koh
Caroline Williams
John & Kit Thayer
Kathy Taylor
Kate Ahrens
Alexandra Mickel
Lou & Joegil Lundquist
Jennifer Gulrajani
Valerie & Jerry Parrish
Sarah & Eric Oeltjen
Michael Sauerwein
Marc & Judy Sidell
Marelaine, Trent & Ellie Dykes
Lisa Hawk
Connie Gerlitz
Polly Hiller
Chris & Cindy Gayte
 Tim & Judie O'Brien
Scott & Katie Seiber
Daniel Lipke & 
Roberta Goodnow
Jessi Sites
Sonia & Richard Pasewark
Cheryl & Dan Becker
Howard Willson & Laurie Jacobson
Amy & Scott Hutchinson
Piper & John Hanson
Rebecca & Mac Johnston
Nancy Price
Su Su & Rick Barnett
Frank & Sharon Fite
Anne & Paul Malmo
Andrea & Doug Perry
Gretchen Stengel
Ilia & Andrea Sahari
Lisa Pazooki
Carrie & Eric Browne
Lori Mock
The Brussa Family
Anne-Marie Ryan
Claudia Larkin
206 Creative
Wady Milner & Matt Roberts
Carl & Christina Lombardi
Peter & Kimberley Chung
Jill & Chris Birkeland
Glenn & Farnaz Farringer
Mary & Mike Harley
Michelle & Donovan Douvia
G. Dickmann
Justin & Kelli Stewart
Lisa Mead
Lynne Jones
Kai & Ingrid Shih
Heija & Todd Nunn
Susan & Rush Riese
Christopher Koh
Mary Douglas



In-Kind Donors

City of Medina

Ross Andrew Winery

Don's Group Attire

Amy Cilley

Top Pot Doughnuts

Tully's Coffee


Medina Days Patrons
($100+) Contd.


Carolyn Clark
Vincent Fernandes
Kelli & Brian Huber
Christie & Ian Ritchie
Stephanie & Imad Haque
Corinne & Kirk Beardsley
The Zyfers Family
Evonne Lai
Mary Nelson
Harini Gokul &
Bart Cornelissen
Tim & Karyn O'Hara
Jeannie McGinnis
Jarrett Johnson
Sondra & Lou Hazim
Jeff & Angela Price
Reza & Maryam Baghai
Ray & Mazie Park
Julie Moran
Michelle Kastner
Elizabeth Anderson
Wendy Paisley
Laura & Bo Weingaertner
Kathy Artz








We've had some questions about what our major in-kind donors do to support Medina Days.  In short: a lot!  Special thanks to the following

  • The City of Medina gives its citizens the annual fireworks show as the highlight of the week-long Medina Days celebration.  Additionally, Medina Days creates needs for extra neighborhood security, parks and recreation support, and sanitation:  the City of Medina generously extends these municipal functions as necessary to enable Medina Days events, and individual employees graciously agree to work overtime so that evening and weekend events can take place. 
  • Our Community Partner, Overlake Golf & Country Club, gives a financial contribution to support the annual Concert in the Park and hosts the delicious and delightful Hot Cakes & Hot Cars event. 
  • Ross Andrew Winery provides web hosting and associated support. 
  • Don's Group Attire helps out with souvenir t-shirts and much-coveted softball uniforms. 
  • Amy Cilley designed the fabulous "Medina Days 2016" graphic.
  • Top Pot Doughnuts donates tasty treats for the morning of the parade.
  • Tully's Coffee provides coffee and supplies for the pre-parade warm-up.