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City of Medina Softball Tournament


Let's Play Ball!

We hope you’ve been practicing in the off-season, because we’re expecting big things from the softball tourney. We’re all one big happy family most of the year, but when you step on the diamond, you’re representing your quadrant and there’s only one team that will be on top, which means bragging rights for the next twelve months! Please contact Chasma Gerron, chasmah@hotmail.com if you're interested in joining your neighborhood team.  Bring your A game!

The 2016 Schedule

Wednesday, August 10th:  Overlake vs. Medina Heights

Game time: 6:30pm @ Medina Elementary Ballfield


Thursday, August 11th:  South Beach vs. North Point

Game time: 6:30pm @ Medina Elementary Ballfield


Saturday, August 13th

Championship Game: 1:30pm
Overlake v. South Beach


**All games are held at Medina Elementary Ballfield **


All are welcome to play or cheer your neighbors, friends and family on.  After the games on Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll have pizza & refreshments for all.


Other than the standard softball rules, all players must be a Medina resident or homeowner, 18 years or older and each team must field at least two women.  See below for full set of rules


Softball Rules

A. Equipment 

  • An 11” ball shall be used when a female is batting and a 12” ball when a male bats.
  • A wooden softball bat shall be used by all Male batters.
  • Any legal softball bat available (wood, composite, aluminum, or ceramic) may be used by all Female batters 


B. Pitch

  •  All pitches shall be delivered with an arc of at least 6 ft.  and no more than 12 ft.
  •  All batters start with a 0 – 0 count with no courtesy foul.
  •  Quick pitches will be considered a ball on the batter.
  •  Quick pitch is any attempt to pitch when the batter is not ready to bat.


C. Base on Balls 

  • A base on ball is awarded anytime 4 pitches are delivered outside the strike in any one at bat.
  • If a base on balls is awarded to a male batter preceding a female batter, the female has the following choices.
  • Be awarded a base on ball with no pitches needing to be thrown.
  • Take their normal turn at bat