Welcome to Medina Days
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Thanks to all who attended Medina Days 2017!

Medina Days 2017 Pictures: http://jakeescobar.weebly.com/medina-days.html

I hope all of you had a great week, I know I did.

In planning this Medina Days, though I was active on the Facebook Groups, I was hardly alone in this process. One person who deserves to be recognized especially is my Co-Chairman Josh Satterlee. He did about as much work as I did and we would never have been able to put on this years events without him.

I also just want to say thanks to all who helped me and Josh put these events on this year! We couldn't have done it without you...

Will Swanson (Head of Softball)
Carson Cirillo (T-Shirts)
Nancy Granston Cirillo (A Lot, moral support)
Chasma Gerron (Helping us get off the ground and always being available for assistance)
Jessica Rossman (Legal dealings and more)
Sarah Oeltjen (Facebook Posts)
Marcus King and Overlake Golf & Country Club (Contributor and Sponsor)
Chief Burns and the Medina Police
The Public Works Department
Charlotte Jones (Face-Painting)
Jake Escobar (Photographer)
Karyn O'Hara & Co, the Sandviks, and the Schubrings (Block Party Hosts)
Michael Medzegian, Will Swanson, Chasma Gerron, Matt Arnold (Softball Captains)
And many more who I'm probably forgetting (it's been a long week).

Also, thanks to all who donated! Even though we got started on this thing a little late, we were still able to meet, and exceed, our fundraising goal!

Glad we could keep the tradition alive.

Until next year,

Chairman Cole Cirillo


Medina Days is truly a community event, funded entirely by local donations and planned by volunteers.  Please join us and make your contribution today so we can deliver the best events possible! 

How to Donate:

  • By check: Make it out to "Medina Days Committee," then deliver it to City Hall OR mail it to PO Box 144 Medina, WA 98039
  • By Venmo: Coming Soon!